ACTIONS Coaching & Consulting


By adopting the ACTIONS lifestyle you will unlock and leverage your strengths and realise your goal and dreams faster and in a more effective and fun way. 


You'll be part of our wonderful community of like minded people to learn from others, share your experiences for additional benefit and have fun along the way.  


Get better at your chosen sport. Be the healthiest version you can be. Become more efficient. More productive. Sleep more. Be happier. 

ACTIONS Services

  • One-on-one lifestyle coaching
  •  Mental fitness tools, guidance and support
  •  Nutrition coaching and recipes
  • Meditation coaching
  •  Swim, bike, run equipment advice and referrals

You deserve to live the happiest, wealthiest, healthy and most fulfilling life you chose to lead. I've got the experience, tools and techniques to help you achieve it. 

IronHobbitNZ, Jarrad Keenan.
Jarrad Keenan @IronHobbitNZ
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